Mystery of W.D. Gann Square of Nine Explained 1.1

The Great Pyramid

How to Master the Square of Nine and Unlock the Secrets of W.D. Gann

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to master one of the most mysterious and powerful techniques of market analysis, you have come to the right place. In this series, you will learn how to use the Square of Nine method, which was developed by the legendary trader W.D. Gann in the early 20th century.

The Square of Nine is a mathematical tool that can help you identify major support and resistance levels, forecast trend changes, and trade with confidence in any market and time frame. You will discover how to:

Convert any price into a Square of Nine angle and use it to measure the strength and direction of the current trend.
Find the most probable turning points in the market by squaring price and time, using Gann’s own words and examples.
Create a Square of Nine roadmap on any chart, using simple tools that you already have, and use it to spot trading opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Apply the Square of Nine to any market and time frame, from stocks and futures to forex and cryptocurrencies, and from daily to intraday charts.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on new software, special equipment, or Gann size seminar fees to learn this method. All you need is a plain-jane chart, a calculator, and a willingness to learn. By the end of this series, you will have the knowledge and skills to make the Square of Nine your own and use it to trade like a pro. Don’t miss this chance to unlock the secrets of the Square of Nine and take your trading to the next level. Read on and enjoy!

Who is W.D. Gann and What is the Square of Nine?

If you have been trading stocks, options, or futures for any time, you are probably familiar with W.D. Gann, at least by name. Gann was a prodigious researcher and a prolific author for most of the first half of the 20th century. He traveled to Egypt to experience firsthand the proportional beauty of the Great Pyramid and to India to experience firsthand another source of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Many contemporary Gann researchers believe that the Square of Nine was first used in India hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years ago and that Gann rediscovered it there. So remarkable was Gann’s reputation that people paid the price of a single-family home to attend Gann’s weekend trading seminars.

His work has spawned hundreds of articles, books, and computer programs attempting to decipher his often cryptic writing style or claiming to have discovered his “secret” for trading the markets. If Gann had a secret, we don’t know it. But secrets or no, Gann is credited with verbalizing an abstraction that captures the imagination of every person with the dream of making it big in the markets — “when price and time square change is inevitable.”

Even without having a clue what squaring of price and time could mean, the idea that any method of market analysis could be used in the same sentence with the word inevitable will get your attention every time. The momentum that started this tract came via a telephone call from a friend who trades stock futures.

He related to me a call that he had received from another futures trader with whom he exchanged trading ideas and outlooks by email. The caller told the trader to get a historical chart but not tell him what ticker the chart represented or the trading period the chart represented. “Give me a price for an obvious swing high or low,” the caller said.

To save time, tell me if it’s a high or a low and if the next swing off that pivot is major or minor.” Who wouldn’t be curious enough to participate in this? Over the next several minutes, the trader gave the caller several instances of the minimal information he had asked for and, after a brief period each time, received back from the caller two or three price levels, one or more of which the caller said would be major support or resistance or a change in trend.

The results were not perfect, but they were darn close enough to what was actually happening with that ticker to instigate many hours of follow-up, research, and experimentation, and finally, an understanding of what price squaring time means, and how to do it simply in any market without paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for new software, special equipment, or Gann size seminar fees.

How to Use the Square of Nine for Trading Success

Gann wrote in metaphors. He described complex things with symbols instead of plain language. He often provided so much data that little information could be found. Much of what has been written about Gann and his methods adopts this cryptic style. The writers taunt you with “I know something you don’t” and, more often than not, do not tell you what it is despite the price of the work or what the title of their book may claim.

We have tried very hard to avoid that. This is a series about technique. How to do things. We do not attempt to hide any “truths” in symbolic language. Within the first few chapters of this series, you will know how the caller impressed the trader with his prescience. You will be able to reliably duplicate the caller’s results in any time frame with any ticker.

You will learn how to print a plain-Jane daily or intraday chart from a charting program or the internet and quickly turn it into a Square of Nine roadmap that will define the boundaries of the current trend and show you the exact price levels of the most likely major resistance and support. You will learn how to forecast exactly where and when the current trend could come to an end.

You will have the knowledge to make the Square of Nine your own and apply it with the simple tools you already have.

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