This site in its present form as a blog is a reincarnation of the Tradingfives site I created in January, 1999. An administrative SNAFU at my old hosting company irrevocably deleted the original site.

I wrote three books about technical analysis of the financial markets, presenting obscure and complicated methods in an uncomplicated and easy-to-understand way. Over the years, many pirate websites have copied the books and offered them free or for sale. So many that it became impossible to keep up with them.

I believe that the books have lots of useful information for the technical trader. I intend to publish them in blog format on this website. The first book is titled “How to Trade the Square of Nine with a Calculator and a Pencil.”

I do not pretend to understand everything about the W.D. Gann trading methods. However, I do believe that I got a handle on his Square of Nine concepts and can explain them to the average trader in a useful manner.

The book on Fibonacci Trading will follow the Gann book. My third book, about J.M Hurst Cycle Trading, will follow that.

I kept the chart examples from the publication dates. They will look like ancient history to some of you, but the dates don’t really matter. If the principles are sound, then their application will be useful in any time period.

The software that accompanied the books is being updated to the latest version of C#, and will become available on this website in the not-to-distant future. There will be a small fee for the software, which is not necessary to understand the principles, but which makes it so much easier to apply them.

I hope you find this useful. You can contact me at tradingfives@gmail.com.

photo of peter amaral

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